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“Houston  Symphony  +  THE  PEKING  ACROBATS  =  PURE  MAGIC!  Cultural  brilliance and astonishing talent...A night of astoundingly athletic physical displays somewhere between the magical and the seemingly impossible.  Allow me to use that most overworked word:  AWESOME!”

                                                            ~ The People’s Critic (Houston, Texas)

The Peking Acrobats perform the Bicycle Pagoda as part of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra's Summer Pops Series, July 2012, Photo by: Pat Rice.”
IAI PRESENTATIONS, INC. produces the highest quality entertainment, providing innovative and unique programming for your Symphony Orchestra Concerts. Including THE PEKING ACROBATS in your programming equals an increase in tickets sales and creates a real 'buzz' around your Entertainment Season. Consider these incredible comments from just a few of our satisfied customers:

"I recommend anyone interested in booking [The Peking Acrobats]
should do so immediately!"

~ Mr. Wesley Krantz, Operations Manager, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

"The artistry of [The Peking Acrobats] coupled with a live symphony orchestra is a thrilling synergy of the two arts with endless programming possibilities!"

~ Mr. Peter Throm, Manager, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

"The event was superlative in every respect, with stunning performances by the Acrobats! This was an experience we hope to present again!"

~ Mr. Thom Paulson, V.P. for Media & Presentations, Interlochen Center for the Arts

The Peking Acrobats perform the Lion Dance as part of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra's Summer Pops Series, July 2012, Photo by: Pat Rice.
A ground-breaking concept, the performances at the Hollywood Bowl by THE PEKING ACROBATS marked the first-ever incorporation of the traditional art form of Chinese acrobatics and the Western Orchestra. THE PEKING ACROBATS appearances at the Hollywood Bowl exceeded all expectations as the 16,000 seat venue was filled to capacity for their performances. Audience members who have been patrons of the Bowl for decades commented that THE PEKING ACROBATS performances were among the very best evenings they had spent at the Bowl. To quote one among a group seated in the audience, "that [THE PEKING ACROBATS] was the best show I have seen in years!".

(Photo Credit: Tom Meinhold Photography)
For their Symphony Concerts engagements, the company blends their unique brand of acrobatic artistry with the majestic sound of the Host Orchestra. THE PEKING ACROBATS orchestra is also featured at these performances, playing traditional Chinese instruments with the Host Orchestra as the acrobats infuse audiences with their powerful maneuvers in a multi-cultural, multi-media spectacular.

These performances are theatrical alchemy at its finest! The coalescence of these two highly expressive and beautiful entertainment genres fit so naturally and to great effect. Let IAI Presentations, Inc. produce an equally great success for your Symphony Orchestra!

(Photo Credit: Tom Meinhold Photography)

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  Past Partnerships

A few of the prestigious Symphony Orchestras THE PEKING ACROBATS have performed with since their Hollywood Bowl debut include:

  • The Houston Symphony Orchestra
  • The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Canada
  • The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Canada
  • The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • The Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia Festival
  • The San Diego Symphony Orchestra
  • The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
  • The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
  • The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
  • The Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra
    (2011 Gala New Year’s Eve Concert)
  • Will YOUR Symphony Orchestra be next?
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