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IAI PRESENTATIONS, INC. maintains offices in California, Moscow, Russia, and Beijing, China and it's the global nature of IAI Presentations that allows us to produce a special kind of entertainment we call Commercial Culture. This includes shows that are fun

(Photo by: James Thompson, The Rock River Times)
and entertaining to attend, culturally enriching to audiences, and commercially viable to produce. Knowing full well that the two don't always go hand in hand, the search is always on to locate and develop new entertainment to bring to the US and export to other countries - putting IAI on the cutting edge of Global Entertainment today and for the 21st Century!!

Another facet of IAI Presentations productions is entertainment spectaculars for Casinos, Theme Parks, Fairs and Festivals, Conventions, Corporate and Special Events. If you have visited a Six Flags or Sea World Theme Park, you have seen an IAI Production. If you have visited one of the many Fairs across the US such as the Florida Strawberry Festival, the Los Angeles County Fair, and the Eastern States Exposition you have seen an IAI Production. If you have visited Casinos such as the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the Atlantic City Tropicana, or Harrah's Casinos across America, chances are you've seen an IAI Presentations production - IAI IS EVERYWHERE YOU ARE!!

So, come along on a journey of fantasy and fun as you explore the IAI Presentations, Inc. Website.

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(Photo by: James Thompson, The Rock River Times)
For complete tour schedules on our attractions or, to find a performance near you visit and type into their search engine the name of the show you are inquiring about (i.e., The Peking Acrobats, Jigu! Thunder Drums of China, The Moscow Boys Choir, etc.).

Brick Smashing
(Photo by Tom Meinhold Photography)

(Photo by Tom Meinhold Photography)
  Contact Info For further information and inquiries on our attractions, contact IAI at:
   The Peking Acrobats®
   Jigu! Thunder Drums of China®
  The Stars of the Peking Acrobats®
   The Moscow Boys Choir®
  The Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats®
   The Peking Opera - NEW!